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Beer on Tap

Doppelganger (BIPA)

When it comes to innovative new trends in beers, the GB brew crew doesn't hesitate to throw its hat in the ring with Doppelganger. Black India Pale Ales are the microbrew hot ticket right now and our version does not disappoint. The perfect marriage of distinctive coffee and chocolate notes with a softly subtle hop back will appease both the Stout drinker and the IPA hop head. It's just smart to plan on drinking this one by the growler full.


It's one thing to have pride in your beer. When you realize that one of your finest offerings is made of elements cultivated in your community, you've achieved GB pride. NYIPA sneakily became one of the GB crew's favorite IPA recipes almost by accident. Purchased from a local Monroe County hop grower and fellow UNYHA member, NYIPA is a full-bodied beer with conspicuous hoppiness and an incredibly enjoyable fruit finish derived from an inspired combination of Cascade, Nugget, Willamette, and a hint of dastardly Magnum hops. All locally grown and harvested, to be enjoyed by all who call this community home.

OhWee! (Orange Wheat)

OhWee! is one of many GB dabbles into fresh citrus as a primary emulsion component. The beauty of OhWee! is in its simplicity. There is no long list of complicated ingredients in this wonderful beer other than creativity, care, and a lot of oranges. Added throughout the entire brewing process, the fresh-cut mandarin oranges we add to this refreshing beverage lend an exceptionally light and stimulating beer to the GB menu throughout the beer drinking year, OhWee! is the ultimate vice during the long dog days of a New York summer.


Perhaps no invention in the history of human society is more closely associated with tradition and heritage than beer. In the spirit of this unrivaled institution, GB unveiled its own tribute to the Scottish Ale style in 2014; Kilt. Ironically, the uncapping of our first Kilt resulted in one of the most unexpected reactions from the GB crew; we couldn’t bring ourselves to drink it. Hours and hours of strangely excitable photo taking from every conceivable angle lead us to appreciate how gorgeous the deep red hue of Kilt had become. Fortunately for everyone who experiences this traditional brew will be just as excited with the hearty, biscuitty goodness of our offering to the Scottish beer lords.Beer Tastings

Smoke On The Porter

No matter how enjoyable a menu full of exceptional brews may be, there are those that are considered truly extraordinary. Those beers that leave consumers searching for the right words to express the connection they are having with their own taste buds at that perfect drinkable moment, Smoke on the Porter again and again fits that description. A wonderfully savory departure from the norm, Smoke on the Porter's brilliance comes from the fact that the entire flavor profile of this beer is reached only through the delicate composite of a variety of grains and hops. This allows Smoke on the Porter to be an entirely radical but complete manageable flavor that will leave all GB fans wanting more.


Don't let the name confuse you. What GB seeks to accomplish with its BEER (yes capital letter B-E-E-R) is to provide their customers with the concentrated, unadulterated, unaltered form of beer. Every flavor profile, every bit of the body, and all of the titillating sensory stimulants associated with drinking beer will be found in BEER. BEER is a fascinating education in what the ingredients that comprise real beer can actually taste like. Experience the grains, understand the hops, appreciate the highest quality water, and comprehend the magnitude of meticulously harvested yeast with BEER. We know you're curious and we know you won't be disappointed.

Fire & Ice (Maple Jalapeno Smoked Porter)

Amalgamation (n.) : the merger, incorporation, or unification of items. It took the GB crew a long time to think of the right word to illustrate what we have accomplished with Fire & Ice. Quite simply, this beer is for the adventurer in all of us. The melding of pure Vermont maple flavorings, fresh Jalapeno, and smoked grains into one grand creation is an example of the brews GB sets out to produce every day. Every sip of this beer is a voyage into flavors, from the initial kick of the Jalapeno complimented by the natural smoked notes enhancing the spiciness to the cooling smoothness of maple that leaves you satisfied if not exhausted, Fire & Ice is the most extravagant of GB's inventiveness. It's a trip we think you will enjoy.

Barbers Grill Food

The Hopper

Everyone and anybody has an amazing IPA these days, right? Maybe, but only Griffs Brewery has this one. The Hopper is a Griffs Brewery exclusive tribute production honoring all of the world's greatest India Pale Ales. In paying the greatest respect to those IPAs that are sought after by fans nationwide we have constructed our form of Double IPA that will undoubtedly leave GB fans clamoring for more. The Hopper detonates your taste buds with potent hop profiles and compliments itself with heavy apricot, peach, and citrus notes that expand your flavor experience.

Fruity American Ale

Say goodbye to flavorless light beers of old that waste away the dog days of the season and say hello to the ultimate summer slammer. Our Fruity American Ale is a robust, medium-bodied ale with explosive fruit and citrus notes. FAA boasts a tremendously complex flavor profile and an equally compound bouquet that has quickly become one of the staple GB brews, building tremendous popularity among GB patrons.

Fruity Deuces

For every Fred and Ginger, for every Sinatra and Martin, hell for every Patrick Swayze and that chick who nobody can put in a corner; every great dance requires the perfect partner. Fruity Deuces serves as the yin to the GB Fruity American yang. Deuces was born exclusively from the recipe and the ingredient theory behind Griffs Brewery Fruity American Ale but has taken on an entire life of its own. An inconceivable experience in complex fruit notes, Deuces is a mid-level ABV brew that represents the seminal beverage to segue the seasonal change from summer to fall.


There comes a time when enough is enough. IBUs reaching face-melting proportions, IPAs seemingly spawned from a macro gaggle of hop combinations, more puckered faces and destroyed pallets than you can count. This is the IPA world we lived in…until now. GB has crafted a stellar moderate MonoHop IPA that exudes balance and grace. Controlled spice notes, restrained hints of pine, and delicate grapefruit essence all contribute to this very pleasing brew for the casual IPA enthusiast.

Halcyon On and On

The second of our MonoHop IPA recipes and our BrewMaster's most prized brainchild, Halcyon sets out to firmly educate the IPA-loving community on what a true microbrewed India Pale Ale can be. GB takes the gentle floral and citrusy lemon notes of Centennial hops and inspires them into a dynamic infusion that will hold the most stringent hophead captive while attracting the modest beer drinker into the hop head.Custom Crafted Beer Pints

Falconer's Flight Cherry / Falconer's Flight Blackberry

Our line of GB Falconer's Flight Pale Ales are a true excursion into beer-drinking wilderness. A beautifully aromatic hybrid hop variety from the Pacific Northwest, Falconer's Flight itself boasts incredible tropical, floral, lemon, and grapefruit characteristics. That is where the GB crew takes its own flight. The addition of artisan Cherry and Blackberry fruit concentrates to the already mouthwatering hop base bring our two Falconer's varieties to an unparalleled level. The GB crew believes that the vibrant and dynamic flavors found in this particular brew line can cause even the non-beer drinker to reconsider.


If there is such thing as boundaries in beer brewing, rest assured Griffs Brewery will do all it can to dismiss them accordingly. GB saw the advent of light summer-based commercial beers fiddling with lemon and lime notes independently as a missed opportunity. In so many other foods and beverages, Lemon and Lime flavors are entwined in compliment to each other, why not in beer? Low and behold, presenting perhaps the boldest light Ale of the GB roster, Roc-Citri brings the two most famous flavor companions and melds dried essences and pure herbal concentrates into a wonderfully lifting and lively light Ale.

OHoA (Orange Honey Ale)

Without the slightest experience in the shrinking of natural things, Griffs Brewery found a way to capture winter in a bottle with OHoA. By adding substantial quantities of locally grown clementine oranges and quality pure honey to different phases of the brewing process, OHoA gains a vibrant rich flavor that will warm all of our GB customers. OHoA will also serve as a lavish departure from the lighter fare served during the warmer months of the year.

Kiwi Express

Hop on the flavor train with Kiwi Express. The product of our Brewmaster's imagination and our craving for a next-generation fruit profile, Kiwi Express is a bold flavor that will entice even the most hardened of beer drinkers. Brewed with a unique blend of aromatic hops and natural Kiwi flavorings, Kiwi Express approaches many of the robust flavors associated with a carefully brewed barley wine while maintaining the easy pallet of traditional ale. It is an exciting and daring adventure into tropical beer.Pouring Beer

Lawnmower Fuel

In spite of the jeopardy we are putting the entire male population of New York in by producing the first chuggable beer that dares to actually possess flavor, GB is letting nature take its course with Lawnmower Fuel. Lawnmower Fuel is our first moderate-ABV that treads lightly while carrying a big flavor stick. Modestly sweetened by way of artisan grain composition and carefully vitalized by minimal hops to promote adequate hydration, Lawnmower Fuel will be the one beer you might expect to purchase by the pallet. If you can envision a place or time where a refreshing beer is just what you need, GB can supply it.

Summer in New Zealand

Griffs Brewery is determined to turn the entire beer-loving world into IPA fanatics one taste tester at a time. We plan to do just that with our beloved hoppy brainchild, Summer in New Zealand. Not every craft beer enthusiast lists IPA on their must-have beer menu, but Griffs Brewery guarantees that SiNZ will fly onto your brew bucket list. SiNZ exudes earthy hop flavor while leaving out the common obligatory bitterness experienced in most of today's bulk produced IPAs. Crafted from 100% pure New Zealand hops, SiNZ's sole reason for existing is to transform GB patrons into certifiable hop-heads.

Cool Summers Night

All the flashy labels and taglines in the world cannot do this phenomenal beer justice like the name that adorns this beer. CSN is comprised of a vast plethora of exceptional flavors and notes that ride like a sensory roller coaster across your tongue, including orange mint, chocolate mint and peppermint. Intended for pure unadulterated enjoyment on brisk, cool summer nights (get it?) this outstanding beer will warm you to your very core.

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