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Quite simply, Community forms the singular foundation of the Griffs Brewery vision. We here at GB are unwavering in our passion for reinvigorating the role of family and community in today's small business and we want to communicate the importance of this concept to you, clearly and unmistakably. Community in the 21st century has become a masqueraded marketing term, a subliminal buzzword employed to help ingratiate a new business to a local population in the hope of steady profit. Griffs Brewery was born solely from the "radical" notion that a small business in Rochester, NY can genuinely contribute to the communities in our region without reservation and without an ulterior motive.Craft Brew Pour

The staff of GB consists of some of the proudest WNY residents that you may ever come across. We were born and raised here, raise our families here, and have dedicated our life's work to providing our neighbors near and far with what we believe is an incredible brewing product. Beyond our ambition to provide our product itself to the members of our community, some of our most motivating and inspiring projects include those things that Griffs Brewery will be able to truly give back to our community. In the earliest conceptual moments of Griffs Brewery as a commercial vision, it became clear that we are as passionate about our neighbors and our community as we are about the dream of brewing great beer.

Early concepts for GB community projects are in production at this very moment which will include family-friendly attractions and entertainment for the friends and family of Griffs Brewery. Our new Spencerport facility provides an unparalleled opportunity to integrate the dedicated wine enthusiast and the fantastic clientele brought to our location by A Gust of Sun winery. Our partnership provides both of our businesses with an exceptional destination to visit.


Fundraising events that help to support local groups and organizations will be a crowning jewel for the GB community outreach program. The members of the GB staff are themselves incredibly invested in several community volunteer programs outside of our brewery and because of this we have an intimate understanding of the significance of programs like the ones Griffs Brewery will provide.Interior of Tap House


Griffs Brewery also offers our friends and neighbors the opportunity to participate in brewing workshops and lectures in the hopes of spreading the innumerable benefits that home brewers gain from this amazing hobby. We cannot express the tremendous value home brewing has provided us as people, as a family, and we would love nothing more but to pass that experience on to all those who desire it.

Giving Back

Our brewing facility itself is also geared to give back to the community, and the environment as well. The grains used to produce the phenomenal flavors and aromas of our brews will be recycled in the form of bread, pastries, and even healthy treats for the beloved four-legged friends of Griffs Brewery. It is this outside-the-box level of imagination and innovation that characterizes GB's commitment to our customers.  

There is a long and steadily growing list of concepts and campaigns that will integrate our brewery into the local community. It is our hope that our customers and our community are as tightly woven into the fabric of our business as grains, yeast, and hops. Our beer is the product of your connection to Griffs Brewery and we cannot wait another moment to work alongside our community in changing the small business paradigm.

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Service Areas Include: Rochester NY, Eastside, Westside